Junip EP

Swedish based band Junip arrives with a new free EP available for download straight from their website: http://www.junip.net/ . It is rare that a band lets you download a whole EP straight from themselves and not from other more illegal sources, I feel like this is generally a good idea for all artists because it shows they accept the fact their listeners are going to find the music for free with or without their help, and getting it straight from the source just seems kinda cool and makes me personally more open to buying the album or going to their concerts.

Junip consists of three dudes from Gothenburg, Sweden. They are widely influenced by American Country and acoustic string sounds. I only just discovered them recently but they have apparently been around since 1999 and all three members have their own accomplishments and projects. Definitely nice tracks to listen to on a nice warm relaxing day. I strongly recommend you go to the site (posted above) and download the EP, afterall it is free and not illegal!


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