/\/\ /\ Y /\

So I managed to find a leaked copy of the new M.I.A. album ‘/\/\ /\ Y /\’. I am a little upset with this album, it really is not as good as any of her older work. A lot of the album just plays off as annoying background noises, I get that each song has an important message but it isn’t very well put together and the tracks are somewhat jarring. I am not sure if it is just me but it sounds like she shaped the style of the album off of other artists; the song ‘Lovalot’ sounds a lot like something from Die Antwoord, and ‘Tell Me Why’ sounds a lot like something Uffie would come up with.

This whole M.I.A. versus the press thing is just getting out of hand too. Maybe she went crazy after having a baby, I don’t know, but she has to get her shit together. Overall, I enjoy ‘XXXO’, ‘Born Free’, and Lovalot, while the track Teqkilla annoys me to no end.

…Maybe I am judging too hastily, or maybe it’s just because I LOVE M.I.A. and had set my expectations too high. Hopefully the album will grow on me more. We will see….

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