In Concert: Zola Jesus with TRUST

Possibly one of the best concerts ever. Last Thursday Zola Jesus rocked it at The Garrison in Toronto.

I have never been to The Garrison before and it turned out to be an amazing venue, if you ever get a chance to see a band play there, go. It is a small venue with a pretty small stage and because of that you feel like you’re almost in the show yourself. Upon first arriving, however, it was entirely filled with smoke.

They went a little crazy with the fog machine, I think they were trying to get that “gothy,” angst, feel going on to get the crowd ready for some Zola. You could barely see two feet in front of you until the opening band TRUST came on…
I wish I had a website or something for this group but I got nothing. I don’t know who they are or where they are from, but hours of internet sleuthing came up short. All I know is that they have an amazing vibe and definite potential. As my friend put it: they sound like Depeche Mode, Placebo, with a sprinkle of Crystal Castles to make it hip. The only thing they should work on is maybe finding people who can actually play the tracks so they don’t have to have anything pre-recorded, and work on keeping beat with the drums. An interesting thing about this group though, they all switch instruments during the performance, everyone takes a turn alternating between: keyboard, drums, and vocals. If anyone can find out anything about TRUST let me know!

So… Zola Jesus kind of rocked it. A cool thing about this show was that there were not really a lot of people there, Zola was even in the crowd amongst everyone else watching TRUST open, though I don’t think many people noticed it was her, she kind of looked like any another Toronto hipster girl while off-stage. Speaking of hipsters, of course the show came complete with its own set of stoic-faced, non-expressive, anti-dancing hipsters that spent the whole show gazing at Zola perform like they were on some sort of sedative.

But getting to the point. Zola came on and rocked it, even getting into the crowd and singing among the fans. And not bragging or anything, but she totally touched my beer can. Her performance was amazing, the small venue made it personal and you could feel her connection to the crowd even though she didn’t acknowledge the crowd too much.

When the show came to a finish the crowd totally wanted an encore. Unfortunately, Zola came out and told us that her band actually didn’t know how to play any more of her songs. Kind of unfortunate but it was a small show after all.

You can see her perform ‘Night’ here.

And here is a clip of her performing performing ‘Poor Animal’:

And yes, to answer your unasked question…..

…. I did steal the set list. : )

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