In Concert: Neon Indian

Neon Indian performed on Tuesday night at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, and what a show. Unfortunately, I was not present to see Class Actress come on due to the confusion at the show. Neon Indian got stopped at the border crossing over to Canada and was held up for a few hours. Luckily, the event company sent out an e-mail to everyone who bought a ticket, which was pretty cool. But because of that, a show that was supposed to start at 8PM or 9PM ended up starting around 11:30PM.

Despite the delay, Neon Indian came on and put on an amazing show. I have read some reviews about the band and I have to agree that their stage is cluttered with instruments, but it is really awesome to see there hands-on approach with music. Especially this one synth instrument that Alan Palomo uses, I couldn’t find any info about it online, but it’s a wooden box with two metal rods coming out of it, Palomo uses his hands like he’s casting a spell to control the sound waves.

Yet again I was faced with another venue with someone who could not operate the sound board appropriately. I feel like we are facing a crisis in Toronto, is there anyone who has the ability to control a soundboard in a timely manner so that the artists performing do not have to tell them what to change!? If you are out there for music’s sake go out and apply somewhere. Nothing annoys me more than having a performance have to stop so the sound can be fixed.

The climax of the concert had to have been when the group played ‘Should have taken acid with you’. The song was written by Palomo when he had a dream that he took acid with his ex-girlfriend and woke up right before it started to kick in, he then phoned his ex-girl and told her about the dream and they made a date to do acid in real life. Plans fell through and it ended up not happening. When Neon Indian started playing this song it was like something just clicked with the band and they were all in-tune with each other. Even better is the fact that it had a different sound from the album, it was epic. Also, another thing epic was Palomo’s thing! That was clearly visible through his tight pants, DISTRACTION!

I think it would be very important for me to also note that the crowd at this concert was amazing. Unlike the general Toronto to-scared-to-show-emotion crowd, this group of peeps was actually moving around and having fun, it was great vibes.

Here is ‘Should have taken acid with you’:


* I have been informed the instrument in question is a Theremin…. And I want one.


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