In Concert: Berlin Brides

Berlin Brides is a synth-pop duo from Athens, Greece. They are amazing and extremely underrated. I think I might have a bias because I am pretty sure they are lesbians, and I love my lesbians, but seriously listen to them they are spectacular.

I saw them a few weeks ago during Indie Music Week [biggest joke ever], I went to two nights for this event and each night I was probably the only person there to see the bands, everyone else was there purely to perform or worked for a company. It was pathetic and a testament to lack of indie music appreciation in Toronto.

I digress, Berlin Brides came on last and I was pretty much the only person there other than this annoying photographer who kept standing in front of the stage. They came on and rocked it any how and were the band with the most energy of the night. I felt so bad for them for only performing to me but they seemed really nice and personable, and when they asked the small crowd if they had ever had problems getting themselves off, I declared in shock “No! Never!” without realizing they were targeting the female gender, she just looked at me and laughed.

Berlin Brides are cooler than cool and I will now present you with a crappy video by me because they do not have any music videos (Also, there debut album entitled ‘Modern Celibacy’ is out now):


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