In Concert: The Wooden Sky

So here we are. I will be the first one to tell you I had barely heard even half a song by The Wooden Sky before going to their concert on Saturday night at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. And I was adamant about going to a band I had never heard (like it has stopped me before) but several factors fated me into going.

The Wooden Sky reminds me of Broken Social Scene but more relevant. Broken Social Scene is losing touch with their audience and is falling out of the limelight (albeit their latest album was amazing), leaving room for bands like The Wooden Sky to come in and inspire audiences with their amazing live performances consisting of many different artists. Really, there are only four members, but at the concert I got a sense of “family”(?) with the other bands they are touring with and the multi-group participation was inspiring.

The best part of the whole concert was when it was over …No not because they sucked (they rocked), but because they held a not-so-secret performance out back in the alleyway behind Lee’s Palace. My friend, who is quite the music connoisseur, knew they would be performing in an alleyway somewhere after the show and she got us there first to be right in the bands inner circle while they performed. The whole alleyway was completely packed with people lighting sparklers and singing along with the band. The energy was amazing. The best part was Gavin (the lead singer) trying to hush the crowd for fear the cops would come… minutes before taking to the streets to shut down Bloor St. and make for some very angry cab drivers.

After their concert I went home and purchased some of their songs on iTunes and got some songs under the bands previous name’Friday Morning’s Regret’ to get a feel for their old vs. new sound. All of it sounds good to me.

Here is a clip of the alleyway performance and the street stopper that I took whilst standing on the hood of a car (sorry if I dented your hood… it was necessary):
Thanks to my friend Ashley and her boyfriend for their amazing photos.

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