Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Okay, so I am not one to typically like this kind of music, it’s not even the music, but the man behind the music. A man who relentlessly tries to shock people with his lack of intelligence and maturity and then tries to act as if he is, in fact, intelligent and mature.

Kanye West is a living, walking oxymoron.

I didn’t want to like this album, but as soon as I saw the short-film I couldn’t help but start to enjoy it. It’s quite obvious that Kanye did not come up with probably most of the ideas himself, it’s more likely that the art consultants did most of the visually creative thinking. Nonetheless, the visuals (costumes, lens/filter, cinematography, set design) all comes together to create a pretty amazing little video.

As for the album, I have been listening to it pretty much non-stop for the past few days so I guess I like it. The mix of opera and classical with pop and hip hop/rap (?) is pretty spectacular. The piano in ‘Runaway’ is chilling and catchy. But I don’t give Kanye full credit for this. I don’t think anyone can mess up a whole album when they have such a huge mix of eclectic and esteemed (for some part) artists and performers. It is hard to screw up when you have twenty other peoples careers riding on the same album.

So Kanye, I give you little credit for this amazing album.

P.S Is it just me or does it look and sound like Kanye has lost it!? Insanity always made for good artists I suppose…

P.P.S A post about Kanye West would not be complete without mention of the word ‘Douchebag’, thank you.


5 thoughts on “Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

  1. I didn't realize you were personally part of the creative process for the latest Kanye CD… OH THATS RIGHT YOU WEREN'T.

    Wow… why don't you lighten up and give a little credit where it's due?

    You have no idea how much input Kanye put.


  2. Yes he totally does seem racist….*insert blatent sarcasm*

    just because he criticised someone who happens to be african america, that automatically makes him racist? jesus, get a life.

    If anything he dislikes things pretty equally. I mean, he likes me despite his kolpophobia.


  3. wow if anonymous want's to see racist he/she should check out some You-tube comments on any black artist (or any artists for that matter), not a blog post by someone who wants to point out that credit should be given to more than one person when so many people were a part of the production. I just had a look at the list of contributors and obviously a large amount of them are black.

    I think i may go pick up the album today.


  4. I know Brock personally and he is in fact very racist.
    On another note, Brock, I do not agree that this is a great album. Kayne has impressed me more in the past. But I will agree that he has totally lost it.


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