Aqua: This is the New Shit

Twelve year old me is peeing my pants with excitement. I’m sure if you’re like me and you grew up in the 90s being a baby homo listening to anything trashy and dancey (often a combination of the two), you probably already know that this summer Aqua will be coming out with a brand spankin’ new album.

Unlike the failure from their greatest hits album last year, which produced three new songs from the crew that are not really worth mentioning, (…I sort of like My Mamma Said) it seems like they have learned that they need to adapt to a more modern pop audience. Leaving their 90s pop roots behind, Aqua is being influenced by the pop music we hear on the radio today…. Yeah I know gross right? But I actually don’t mind the song they just released a couple of weeks ago. But, I am tacky and really enjoy me some anthems from the likes of Rihanna or Kylie every now and then (Okay I love Rihanna a lot!).

I think that they might actually make it. So many 90s groups try to make comebacks and it never works. Spice Girls had their reunion tour which was awesome, but their new song was not so hot. Backstreet Boys…. Ya I guess that went alright for a hot minute, even Prozzak (seriously watch it, it’s horrible!) tried to have a comeback… Epic fail!

ANYWAYS, listen to their new song and GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!


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