Les Georges Leningrad

Les Georges Leningrad are a group from Montréal. They no longer exist – by that I mean they no longer create wonderful noises.

The original idea behind the group was they started with five members and every new album released (which I believe was about one album per year) they would lose a member until all of them were gone and then they would come back again. So far the rebirth of Les Georges has yet to take place, since they stopped producing any new music since 2006.

I would classify this group as art/experimental rock/music….ness. They get together and make noise and scream and yell …and it works. I have loved this group-long-time and I was thinking about them a lot lately so I decided to dedicate a post to them and whilst doing so I found this great 8 minute long youtube video of them performing in an empty club.

So for your viewing pleasure, I give you Ennio Morricone:


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