In Concert: Crystal Castles @ Sound Academy

Crystal Castles @ Sound Academy 3/4/11

Crystal Castles came back to Toronto to play a sold out show at the Sound Academy on Saturday April 3rd. It was my first time in a while going to an all ages show and it was interesting to be around so many e-tarded 16 year olds, but hey we were all there once! I would also like to mention that I missed TRUST opening up for CC and I am so disappointed. I can’t wait to see them again!

The show started with someone (I didn’t see who because I was in the bathroom…. lol) announcing that the show would be cancelled because Alice broke her ankle and couldn’t go on stage. Say wha!? Not to worry it was just a late April fools joke. The show went on but Alice was sick so unfortunately they used the vocoder for most of the songs.

Here is a documented video of our journey to the front of the crowd. It was so packed and strobey, a girl falls on the ground at one point and my friend tries to get her up before she is stomped on. Here are some stills from the video where you can actually see what’s happening:

The video is best near the end when we get pretty close to the front!
Enjoy…. And if you are prone to seizures avert your eyes now!

2 thoughts on “In Concert: Crystal Castles @ Sound Academy

  1. Boo! That's like Florence + the Machine (well and a lot of other bands) saying “Honestly this was ACTUALLY the best show of the whole tour.” but you know they say that every show.

    We all have YouTube now you know!?


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