In Concert: Chloe Charles @ The Supermarket

On a cold and rainy Wednesday evening, in a not-so-dark corner of Kensington market in Toronto, I had the great opportunity to see Chloe Charles in concert before going off on yet another tour of Europe. To-date this is the best concert I have witnessed of Chloe’s. I have seen her perform many, many times in many different venues, including on her bed.

The ambiance at The Supermarket was intimate and warm. The weather outside was extremely dreary and so cold! Chloe’s voice and soul warmed all of us wet cats inside. The sound in The Supermarket was fantastic and Chloe’s vocals were even better! There are so many times you listen to an artist on an album and when you hear them live it just never meets expectations, Chloe’s voice live is even BETTER than you will ever hear on any of her recordings. She has true, raw talent.

Check out some videos here:
More photos on my Flickr stream here!

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