In Concert: Zola Jesus @ Mod Club

Wow! What an amazing show. For the past two days I can’t get Zola Jesus songs stuck out of my head. Since the first concert I went to, Nika Danilova has continually developed her stage presence. You can see her performance from one year ago here. One big help with that was the addition of a permanent band that know all her songs and have a superior level of professionalism. The synergy between the band made for a perfect start to the weekend.

She came on the stage in one of her classic drapey outfits, wearing all monochromatic whites and silvery greys. Her angelic appearance set the mood for a great concert. One of the advantages (for early birds) was that the set time was 8:30PM sharp because Mod Club has a dance party event right after, so many people showed up a bit later when the show had already started. This meant I got to spend this concert right at the front.

Yet another one of the many reasons to love Zola Jesus, they are very open to connecting with the audience during and after the show. Nika usually does a run through the the whole audience while performing one of her songs, and after the show I saw the band mates happily chatting with people in the audience, in the venue and outside the venue. No pretensions whatsoever.

Hey Nika! I propose a trade…. I give you photos, you give me a translucent vinyl copy of Conatus!

I am waiting….


You can view the complete set of photos on Flickr here!

…And as per youjjjj, here are some videos (Watch until the end of Vessel – it is good!):


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