Indie Week 2011 Highlights

Zoo Lion @ The Hideout 12/10/11

Last week Jack Daniels banners descended on Queen Street West and the surrounding area boldly declaring that Indie Week has arrived in Toronto! Indie Week is a contest open to indie bands, it is a little battle-of-the-bands-ish. Each bar has a line up for the night (the festival goes from Wednesday to Sunday) and at the end of each night a winner is chosen and potentially goes on to be awarded the winner of Indie Week 2011.

Look at my photoset on Flickr here.

This year I did a lot of running around and got to see many bands. The group that stood out for me by far was Kou Chou Ching a rap group from Taiwan whose main goal is to create awareness about Taiwan; it’s culture, it’s sovereignty and it’s music. I missed them on the Thursday so I was really happy to get the chance to see them play a quick 20 minute set at The Hideout on the Friday. They played an early set so not many people were out yet but despite the crowd Kou Chou Ching came on stage and delivered an energetic performance. They got everyone into their performance and interacted with the crowd.
Honourable mention to These Electric Lives, and the winners of Indie Week 2011, Tiny Danza!
P.S The security at Underground Garage Club was horrible and never go there please-and-thanks.

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