Top 5 Concerts of 2011

2011 was a big year with tonnes of great festivals in Toronto alone, there was a lot to see and I certainly went to more concerts than I blogged about this year. CMW, NXNE, Indie Week, were some of the festivals I attended. For festivals I wish I could have attended but didn’t get the opportunity, POP for Montreal takes the cake. Maybe next year I will get the chance.
Anywho! Here are my top 5 concerts for 2011:
Kou Chou Ching
Kou Chou Ching, rap group from Taiwan focused on Taiwanese sovereignty, had their first North American show this year at Indie Week in Toronto. They have an intense energy and are super-fun to see live!
Check out their website and my post!
Berlin Brides

These girls are amaze. Berlin Brides reign from Athens, Greece and came here in 2010 for Indie Week and early this year for CMW. They are so much fun to see live, their lyrics are hilarious and their synthy beats are fun to dance around to.

Go to their website and check out my post!

Chloe “Freakin'” Charles

Okay so I added to her name a little, but you get the point. Chloe Charles is an Indie undefined genre (semi-folkish) singer from Toronto. In the past few years I have been lucky enough to see her evolve as an artist. This year Chloe is spot on in her perfomances, always delivering an emotional, beautiful performance. Even if you are not seeing her in her usual intimate Toronto venues, you still feel like it is only you and her in the room.

Check out her website and my post!

Zola Jesus
I saw this lovely lady twice this year. Once in New York at the Bowery, and once in Toronto at MOD Club. Zola Jesus is still underrated but is starting to break into the popular music scene. She definitely drew a broader crowd in her latest show in Toronto. Her newest album Conatus brings back some of the synth that she grew apart from in her previous albums. Always worth seeing for her amazing vocal control.
Go to her website and check out my post!
Lykke Li
Drum roll…. And the winner for 2011 Best Concert of the Year award goes to Lykke Li!

Definitely my favourite concert of the year. Lykke warmed everyone’s hearts and souls when she came by earlier this year in May for a concert at The Phoenix. She is emotionally in touch with all her songs and it shows – she is crazy, in a good way!

Check out her website and my post!

Ya, ya, I chose all female vocalist for my top 5 concerts of the year. Honourable mention goes to Neon Indian who played a show in Toronto this fall.

Who are your top 5 concerts for 2011?

Happy New Years all! xoxo…xxx

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