2012’s Newest Music Vids: Santigold, Austra, TRUST, Charli XCX

So we are already well into January and well into 2012. Oh did you hear? It is the year of the Water Dragon! What does that mean to you? Absolutely nothing! But Happy Lunar New Year all the same okay?
So here are some fun music videos that have come out so far this year:
Santigold – Big Mouth
This is a fun video that is not so surprisingly produced by Switch and Buraka Som Sistema. You can also download the track for free from santigold.com.
Austra – Spellwork
Cuz who doesn’t enjoy some good ol’ fashioned Mennonite antics?
TRUST – Bulbform
I can’t wait for their album to come out next month!
Charli XCX – Stay Away
Charli XCX is a 19 year old Londoner who has been performing since she was 14. Her voice is amazing but I don’t exactly love the whole goth-pop feel she wants to go for. This song, however, is brilliant and performed live. Even better.
Here is a neat interview from Pitchfork where they mention one of her songs from when she was 14, Dinosaur Sex, with the chorus being: “T-Rex, Dinosaur sex!/ T-Rex, Dinosaur sex!” Ba ha ha ha… who couldn’t love that?
Hope you liked some of the new vids of 2012. What are you listening/watching? Comment below!

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