Then & Now: t.A.t.U.

So I think I am going to start doing some posts about certain loved artists from the past and what they are up to now. Yesterday I went on a huge t.A.t.U. YouTube binge that eventually led to an “interesting” Russian-Pop YouTube binge (You should also watch this video about Mickey Mouse…). Russian pop videos seem to focus a lot on desolation and military influence, with an Eastern meets West theme. At least that is what I seemed to get an impression of from watching these videos.
Down to business!
Believe it or not, t.A.t.U. was formed all the way back in 1999, but didn’t come out with their first single ‘All the Things She Said’ (or ‘Ya Soshla S Uma’) until late 2001. We all remember this one, no? This video was so controversial when it came out, especially in Russia where being homosexual is more-than-looked-down upon.
Next, they came out with ‘Not Gonna Get Us’. Here is the Russian version of the song (aren’t they so cute and little?):
They had a few more videos from this time, but nothing that was really popular in North America. I think they pretty much disappeared, mostly because Yulia Volkova had a baby with her MALE partner (totes fake lezzies people!). Then they had a brief and barely recognized come back in 2005 with the video ‘All About Us‘ (NSFW) along with some other single like, ‘Friend or Foe’:
This may not be considered now exactly but in 2008 they came out with this video that I kind of like, ‘White Robe’. I guess it is like a future dystopia theme?:
They released their FINAL album in 2009 named Waste Management, in which ‘White Robe’ is the first track. I am pretty sure that this video, ‘Sparks’ (or ‘220’ in Russian), is their last video as a duo. You can kind of tell from the lack of energy, but damn they look hot!:
After separating to pursue solo careers you can see their various videos on YouTube and judge for yourself who the winner of the Solo-career goes too.
Personally, I think Lena Katina is fucking adorable and I am still in love with her, while Yulia Volkova seems a tad trashy and washed-up holding on to her lesbian/bisexual marketing tactics.
Lena Katina – ‘Mr. Saxobeat’ (This song is so fun!):
Yulia Volkova – ‘All Because of You’:
Who else would you like to see a “Then & Now” of? Comment below!

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