Guilty Pleasures: Andrew Huang/Songs to Wear Pants To

Meet Andrew Huang.
Andrew Huang is a multi-talented artist from Toronto who has logged an incredible amount of videos on his YouTube channel. He now has a second YouTube channel. He creates songs in any genre with any kind of instrument; the diversity in his music is impressive. But what I enjoy most about this artist is his ability to have fun and his child-like imagination.
The whole YouTube celebrity/vlogging thing never really caught on with me until I started to watch Hannah Harto in My Drunk Kitchen; essentially she gets wasted and cooks. Through the MDK I discovered Songstowearpantsto and about a trillion other very entertaining YouTubers.
Recently, with the help of Metric’s Emily Haines, Andrew created an interactive YouTube symphony that was on display at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. In a sense it is very Bjork with her recent iPad and iPhone app for the album Biophilia, creating interactive music that the listener can control.
He recently went on tour to various countries in Asia and to Australia and New Zealand.
Here are some videos, but if you want to see time fly go to his YouTube channels and check out all that Mr. Huang has to offer. Super-infectiousicity (that’s a word right?):

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