In Concert: Trust @ Wrongbar

Saturday night Wrongbar was packed for a sold out show for Trust. Pretty intense considering two years ago they opened for Zola Jesus at The Garrison and the place was barely packed to see either of these two artists.

Trust gave a wicked performance, props goes to Robert Alfons especially for his hauntingly deep voice. I am always surprised at the voice that comes out of such a little man. I am not going to go to deep into the details but I just want to say that they are even better live than they are recorded, so totally worth seeing if you ever get the chance. I am sure next time they play in Toronto (their hometown) it will be to a sold out show at a much bigger venue. Can definitely see them playing at The Phoenix or even the Sound Academy.

If you want to read a goofy and overly-emotional review by someone who sounds like they are going to rape Alfons (granted he is quite attractive) you can do so on blogTO.

If you want to read an excellent review of the band, go to The National Post.

If you want to read my review… well too bad I guess you sort of just did.

Here are some photos, go to my Flickr to view more (with the added bonus of some silliness with my friends who hijacked my camera for a bit):

‘Candy Walls’ by Trust

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