Obsessed with K-Pop: Part #1!

I have an unhealthy obsession. I have a sickness…. I can’t stop loving BIGBANG!

BIGBANG consists of members: G-Dragon, T.O.P., Daesung, Seungri and Taeyang. They have a HUGE following all over the world with tonnes of crazy fans (me included too I guess). They have been making albums since 2006 and have appeared in Vogue Korea a few times. You can see the rest of the images from their most recent ‘Rocky’ inspired photo shoot with Vogue Korea here.

They are partly so infectious because of their outgoing personalities along with their outgoing style. Gotta give it to the Koreans for having amazing extroverted style that cannot be compared to anywhere in North America.

This year they are celebrating their recent album release with a world tour and are planning on coming to Toronto judging by the rumours and they have made two new music videos in NYC.

Scroll down to get a taste of BIGBANG:

‘Blue’ by BIGBANG
‘Fantastic Baby’ by BIGBANG
‘Knock Out’ by G-Dragon & T.O.P.

5 thoughts on “Obsessed with K-Pop: Part #1!

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