CMW 2012: Thursday Night w/ Martha Wainwright

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On Thursday I went to La Belle Province showcase at El Mocambo put on by  CBC Music, showcasing talent from Québec. CBC is doing an excellent job lately at showcasing great Canadian talent, or maybe it’s just that I wasn’t paying attention before. It is always great to see artists from Québec because they do not get enough credit in Anglophone Canada, it’s a huge amount of talent that all of us are missing out on. They also have good films too, P.S.
First up is a little band called Galaxie, a fun rock band from Montréal with a male lead and two female back-ups. Their act was pretty infectious, they have a lot of fun on stage and I loved the one female back-up she was rocking out and also keeping the sound guy in check.
Next is a woman who needs no introduction, Martha Wainwright. She is an iconic Canadian artist who is related to the other iconic Canadian artist, Rufus Wainwright (yeah that’s right we only have two iconic Canadian artists). Her set was amazing and her voice was breathtaking. She has amazing control and a powerful set of lungs/vocal chords. Props to her also for giving the usual rude Toronto crowd the medicine it needed when telling them: “This song is about motherhood, so shut the fuck up, just for three minutes!” Seriously people, you are there for a show so enjoy the show and pay some respect. Don’t mess with Martha Toronto!
Then I ran to Wrongbar to meet some friends and see this crazy band, Diemonds. I had heard of them and seen them around but I never actually heard them. They are clearly (photos below) influenced by the 80s hair band era but all that aside they are an amazing group. They are high energy and fun, and give the crowd what they want – a great show. Hard not to enjoy these freaks (in a good way).
So, I actually don’t know the names to any of these songs so please comment if you know and I will change it on my YouTube account. Thanks guys!

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