CMW 2012: Friday w/ Chains of Love and more

Friday was a busy night indeed for Canadian Music Week. It looks like El Mocambo is the place to be this year, at least that’s how it seems so far. On Friday night I went there for the Dine Alone Records showcase to see Dinosaur Bones, The Apache Relay and Chains of Love.
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Chains of Love is meant to be a girl group (although half of the members are boys) with a 60s girl group sound. The idea of the group came from guitarist Felix Fung from Vancouver, to create a girl group with that old school sound that has not been relived since that era (albeit I would consider Chicago-based Cults to be within this same genre). It was not the hottest day of CMW but it definitely brought out the feeling of summer in the audience. I was completely entranced by the lead singer, because well she is hot, and because they looked like they were having a really good time on stage.
I always hear a lot about Dinosaur Bones and to be honest I don’t know why. They were okay but frankly, they all just seemed bored and like they didn’t want to be here so I don’t have a lot more to say about them. I am not even going to post my YouTube video of them…. Yawn!
And thus we have the other end of the spectrum, The Apache Relay. They reign from Nashville, TN and it shows in their music, meaning that they take from different musical styles to create a rich sound. They have a  country influence and classical influence mixed with a mainly rock sound.
I am really upset about two things: the lighting was shit for their set and their mic was set too low (or my video cam wasn’t working properly) so my photos are not the best and unfortunately you miss out on hearing the lead singers amazing voice. So when I post the videos below I will also post one of their music videos to do the band justice.
Next stop, I ran around to the Great Hall and then to Wrongbar to catch Lunice, a DJ from Montréal who plays hip-hop and electro fusion. Might I just say, THANK GOD IT’S NOT DUBSTEP! I am not a fan and it was really refreshing to hear some good electro music. Lunice was crazy and high energy, running around the stage keeping the crowd moving.
Check out Lunice on Soundcloud.







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