Coeur de Pirate

I should start making a habit of posting more Québécois content because there are so many talented Québécois and francophones in Canada that largely go unnoticed in English speaking Canada despite their large following in Québec and among the many francophone communities throughout the country.

Béatrice Martin is Coeur de pirate: as a young Québécoise, she rose to fame in the previous decade, becoming very well known in France and Québec. Last October she went on Q on CBC Radio to talk about her new album ‘Blonde’ and to sing a couple of songs for us. There is a great version of the song ‘Adieu’ completely different from the album version. You can listen to Coeur de pirate on Q here.

Here is the first single off of ‘Blonde’…

Isn’t she like totes adorbs?


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