Hello, Gold and Youth

Gold & Youth are a group based in Vancouver. Hmm. Vancouver. Been hearing a lot about bands coming from Vancouver lately. Who knew it could be possible? From my personal preference, most of the bands I have been listening to reign from Toronto or Montréal, so what’s all this Vancouver business about?
Well, despite being from the west coast, I gave them a listen and loved what I heard thus sharing this information with the internetz (that’s you).
Here is an excerpt from the artist bio from Arts & Crafts:
Formed in Victoria BC, Canada, in the fall of 2008 and settled now in Vancouver,
GOLD & YOUTH (formerly known as The Racoons, and for a second Jakarta)
has developed their craft on a considerable number of stages. Musically, they
blend synthetic and organic textures. Sequenced bass and programmed drum
loops are layered against the sound of a live band, creating a density one might
not expect from a three-piece. Danceable, but you could a rock out if you want to.
Also: they write a lot of hooks!
Thank you Arts & Crafts!
So if this sounds good to you, take a listen below and don’t forget to go to their website for a free mp3 download of Time to Kill (The embed code does not work so I had to link)!

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