My Favourite Podcasts

Lately I started getting into the whole Podcast business. Not that I thought anything negative about it, it just never caught on for me. I didn’t see the point in listening to podcasts when you could just, say, download artist albums illegally – or pay for it, whatever, your choice! But then my lack of internet (I haven’t had internet at home in more than three years –  I am so crazy right?!) drove me to subscribe to a few podcasts so I had something to listen to when I was making breakfast in the morning and getting ready to go out for the day. It all started with Ted Talks, and then quickly went into music-themed podcasts.
Here are four podcasts I listen to on a regular basis (You can find these all on iTunes):
Fool’s Gold is a record label based in NYC founded by Canadian (Montréal) DJ A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs. I love all kinds of music, but I don’t normally have a lot of Electro/Dub-step music in my collection. I find this monthly podcast is a perfect way to hear new hyped-up jams I wouldn’t normally listen to otherwise.
3. KEXP – Music That Matters

KEXP is a radio station in Seattle that features music from the Pacific Northwest among others. The podcast is curated by KEXP DJs and feature a wide variety of artists, often curated with a theme in mind so all the music in the podcast features a cohesive mood and feel.
This podcast has introduced me to many new talented artists. Although, I have to say that sometimes the music is not-so-great, depends on the DJ who curates the podcast.
2. CBC Radio 3 Podcast w/ Grant Lawrence
If you have not gone to the new CBC Music site yet, get your ass over there now! It is spectacular. CBC Radio 3 offers a huge selection of Canadian artists from varying backgrounds and style (mostly indie-rock), it is impossible to not find something you’ll love. This podcast is a great way to listen to the content but not have to listen to the radio (on the actual radio, online, or on your iPhone). This way you can listen to it whenever you want!
They feature artists from Polaris prize, the Junos, the Indies, and so on. Definitely check it out!
1. CBC Radio – Q w/ Jian Ghomeshi
The Q podcast is absolutely necessary for my daily life! Not only does Jian Ghomeshi put a strong emphasis on Canadian music, but it is also a good way to learn about issues in the world through different perspectives. Q always offers a well-rounded argument and never lets an interview go one-sided. Aside from the interviews and issues, Q showcases artists you probably have heard of – and ones you have not. Their live performances are another great way to showcase true talent. Some great live performances I have heard on Q would have to be by Coeur de Pirate and Feist.
Graveyard – Feist 
(On CBC Radio Q w/ Jian Ghomeshi)
What are your favourite podcasts? Tell me in the comments below… I want to know!

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