In Concert: Trust @ The Great Hall

Trust performing at The Great Hall in Toronto 13/7/12

After Friday nights stellar performance only one question remains on my mind, just how the fuck did I end up with glitter over every part of my body!? But seriously! I didn’t see any glitter cannons or anything, yet I managed to leave this concert a sweaty glitter bomb. If you or someone you know has the answer to this question please contact me!

Robert Alfons, as per yoosh, jumped on the stage and immediately captivated the audience with his dreamy voice. Finally, Trust was given the good diligence it deserves with holding the concert at a venue that actually matches the bands popularity. Their concert back in March, at Wrongbar, was crowded beyond belief. The Great Hall offered the perfect space and great ambiance for their dark, synthy tunes.
If you weren’t sweating then you just weren’t there.
Alfons delivered with his full-force energy sparing no one. There truly wasn’t a single person in the audience that was not moving, swayed by this mans unique voice. And that is hard for a show in Toronto, okay!? Not much to say about this one except, if you missed it, then well… you missed out. Simply put.
More photos on Flickr!
Ermergherd vidyehers!

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