Icelandic Mondays with Útidúr

Hey guys! So I am going to [try] to start posting frequently here on my blog. So going through with that, I have decided that every Monday shall be Icelandic Mondays until I leave for Iceland in the fall/winter for Iceland Airwaves!

This week I am bringing you Útidúr, the band with the accents that I can’t find on my French/English keyboard (lot’s of copy and paste went into this)! Okay, so basically they are a large group of musicians coming together in a Broken Social Scene type way to form awesomeness, but who better to describe the band than the band itself:

Útidúr (pronounced: ooh – detour) is a ten piece group from Iceland that plays joyous and ambitious chamber-pop with a dramatic streak. Although this charismatic crew is quite (midnight) sunny in attitude they also know their way through darker waters. Trace elements of Angelo Badalamenti, Beirut, Calexico and Ennio Morricone can be found in their system so fans of these should expose themselves to Útidúr in any way they deem appropriate.

They recently just toured with Brasstronaut, an awesome Canadian indie group that infuse brass instruments into their work. Clearly, a good pairing for a tour.



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