Indie Week 2012: Launch Party

Indie Week 2012 started off with a bang! I had a feeling that this year would be the biggest one yet and I was not let down. I entered The Hideout on Wednesday night to an immense crowd. Arriving with backpack in hand (coming from night school) I was definitely not fitting in. Literally, my bag was too big for how many people were in the crowd!

Last Bullet

I had to call it an early night from a long day, but I managed to see Last Bullet (Toronto) and Leading Armies (Indie Week Ireland’s 2012 Winners). Frankly, they aren’t really my cup of tea (but the video below is good!) but the crowd was loving it and the energy was high, so it was a successful start to a crazy week!

Leading Armies

Got to give a shout out to everyone that worked Indie Week for doing such a good job, especially the social media team!

Check out my photos on Flickr!



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