Indie Week 2012: Thirsty Thursday

Thursday was by far my favourite night of Indie Week. We started the night at The Hideout because a friend an I wanted to catch The Elwins, an indie rock band from Keswick (Gross), Ontario. The Elwins bring a lot of energy to a room, let me tell you. Especially when they decided to play their rendition of Beyoncé’s ‘Countdown.’ Another memorable moment was when Feurd jumped into the crowd and started playing the tambourine.

The Elwins
The Elwins

After The Elwins finished their set we stuck around and saw these guys with the pretty hair… the Alkatines? Wasn’t really into it but the lead singer was a babe and had long luscious hair so we didn’t mind watching them.


After that I voyaged for a late night set at the El Mocambo to see a band from New York City, Cultfever. These guys were super cute and put on a great show considering there were only a few Indie Week stragglers left in the audience.


Got some videhyers for you to watch! I don’t know what has happened to the sound quality on my cam, sorry!




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