Place en masse dans la jacuzzi de Radio Radio

RadioRadioRadio Radio is a renowned hip-hop group from Nova Scotia. They rap in Acadian-French, which may make it a little difficult for some to understand: for a French speaker it may be the unusual word use, for an English speaker it may be the fact that it sounds like they are speaking in English. What they are speaking is a form of Acadian called ‘Chiac’, it is heavily infused with English words.

But all the language talk aside, Radio Radio is a band that has gained a huge following in Canada and around the world. Considering most people don’t understand what they are saying, you know it isn’t just the lyrics that interest people, but there outgoing characters and catchy hip-hop beats.

They are playing a show in Toronto very soon on February 8th at The Garrison. I hope I can get a chance to check them out!

The video below is from 2008 but is hilarious and a great introduction to Radio Radio.


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