NXNE 2013: Wednesday w/ The Darcy’s

The Darcy'sHi guys!

Sorry about the slow updates… I have been super busy going through all of my fabulous NXNE photos and also seeing some awesome free shows in Toronto this week (those updates to come), but first let’s get to it!

On Wednesday I had to keep it pretty low-key because I had to get up very, very, very early the next day, but I still managed to make it out and catch some live music… because who can resist the call of a city buzzing with concerts?

The Darcys 

I had never seen The Darcys before but have obviously heard much about them, being that they belong to the Arts & Crafts label.

A friend texted me and told me they were giving a free performance at the Arts & Crafts pop-up gallery on Queen West so I promptly got my ass on my bike and biked my way to the west end to check them out. The venue was intimate and comfortable and filled with hipster hotties, so it was hard not to have a good time.

What I liked best about this group are their amazing voices. Male voices get downplayed a lot, but these boys can sing.

Ainsley McNeaney 

Speaking of people who sing well, Ainsley has an immensley powerful voice, combined with piano skillz and a mean back up group. You can definitely tell that she has been classically trained and passionately conveys her emotions through her music.




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