NXNE 2013: Thursday Night w/ Moon King, Blue Hawaii, Coeur De Pirate…

Moon King

Moon King 

I started my Thursday night of NXNE off with Moon King at the Horseshoe.

Another band I have been meaning to check out, these guys are filled with youthful ambition and you can feel it in their energized performance. Daniel definitely knows his audience; late-teens, early twenty-somethings that are out to be rowdy. Not exactly my scene, but still a lot of fun nonetheless.

Coeur de Pirate

If you follow Béatrice Martin on Instagram, you already knew that she was suffering from a bout of bronchitis. Despite this she still came to Toronto and performed a stripped down set; on stage was just herself and her piano to woo the crowd.

Unfortunately, a lot of that crowd probably didn’t know who she was, at least by the sounds of all the chattering in the back. Béatrice tried to tell them respectfully to be quiet during her tranquil set but it didn’t help. What a shame! An amazing French-Canadian idol in Toronto and she did not get the respect she deserved at all.

One thing that CMW definitely does better than NXNE is choose the right venue for the artist and have better picked showcases. I feel like they give francophones a better stage to promote their presence than NXNE did this year.


Cameras came to Canada all the way from Wales, UK. I was a little confused about this band, they were very nice but they lacked… enthusiasm? on stage. They sound like a lot of other rock bands I’ve heard before.

Blue Hawaii 

Based on my previous post with their latest music video, I went to Comfort Zone expecting something completely different than what I got. Going into the venue I expected to find a band playing shoegaze-type music but the group really wanted to surprise everyone by going full-force RAVE!

I felt like I was blown into my past and I was just fine with that. Realistically, looking back I should have realized what it would be like since they were playing at Comfort Zone, after all… Check out my quick YouTube clip I took of them below.

My regrets from this night are as follows:

1) Seeing Cameras.

2) Not bringing ear plugs.

I will forever not be able to hear the same out of my right ear thanks to you, Blue Hawaii.


*Make sure you switch it to HD*


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