NXNE 2013: Friday Night w/ Gold & Youth And More…

Gold & Youth

The Elwins

I went to the Audio Blood Media party during the day on Friday to a empty lot converted to a designated NXNE party zone, with free Beau’s beer, as well as free Monster energy drinks and Vitamin Water – The perfect hangover fighters!

The Elwins performed before The Balconies and put on an awesome show as always, in the brutal heat of the sun nonetheless!


I started out my Friday eve of NXNE at The Central to see one of Iceland’s famous groups, Árstíðir. Pretty popular in Iceland, they do not have much of a following here so it was a bit weird to see them at such a small venue, but at the same time it was great because I would never get a chance like this in Iceland.

This group is pure magic, I love Icelanders use of instruments to create an entrancing environment.


Next up! I stopped by Handlebar (a little bar in Kensington Market) to go see Digits. I have heard a lot about them so I wanted to check them out.

They were pretty great and the small venue definitely suited the band well. Only thing that slightly annoyed me was that the singer seemed to be a bit of a diva, always complaining about something with the sound technician, it distracted a lot from the show. But I guess you could argue if he did it right then he wouldn’t have to complain.

Gold & Youth

This was for sure one of my favourite performances of NXNE. Gold & Youth says they are a band from Vancouver and Toronto and are under the famous Arts & Crafts label (so many ampersands!).

They definitely know how to woo a crowd, judging by the entranced looks in the crowd.



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