Final ALL CAPS! Festival Wraps With a Bang!

Rich Aucoin

Last Sunday some roughly 2000 people congregated on the island at Gibraltar Point to celebrate the final Wavelength ALL CAPS! Festival. This year was my first, and regrettably, last time at the festival because this year was the final year Wavelength would hold the festival. I have wanted to attend ALL CAPS! for many years now but never managed to get the timing right in a city where there is always so much going on every weekend in the summertime.

This summer a friend got me a ticket in to the festival and I no longer have a job that requires me to work every weekend so there were no excuses to miss out on the action… Thankfully!

Elfin Saddle chilled the crowd with their calming and beautiful performance of gentle vocals and acoustics.

Then Magneta Lane turned things up to 11 with their sexy Marshall amps and guitar & bass mastery.

After that, Beliefs or CATL. took the stage… How am I supposed to remember guys, let’s just say it was Beliefs… Beliefs took the stage drawing quite a crowd. I am really amazed at the dedicated following they have acquired in such a short amount of time, and it is not without reason. I saw them during NXNE and I, frankly, was not impressed. They lacked maturity and synchronicity. This time they proved to me why they have their following, marking their time at the festival with a much cleaner and sophisticated performance.

CATL. totally blew me away. Toronto natives that ROCK the crowd not only with their great classic rock style reminiscent of the Rolling Stones, but also with their sarcastic, a-touch-sassy attitude (completely endearing).

Rich Aucoin topped the festival off with his unique style: the integration of art, film, internet culture, and music. I have never seen him before and cannot say enough that if you get a chance to see this man: YOU MUST GO! Rich not only performs but insists on having the crowd be a part of his performance. Basically, there is no chance you will leave his shows upset.

Check photos below, comment, and share the love! 🙂



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