In Concert: Dirty Beaches Hypnotizes Toronto

Dirty Beaches 1

It was a rainy and humid evening Wednesday night, when Alex Zhang Hungtai (aka Dirty Beaches) came to Toronto to perform. But it wasn’t JUST sweat the crowd was drenched in, but pure noise-art as well.

It has been interesting to see Alex evolve over the past two to three years, starting from the first time I saw him in concert during NXNE as a one man show, just him with his guitars and some pedals, up to the present where he performs with another person and many more instruments; including one instrument they made themselves.

Alex has been experimenting more and more with electronic sounds but you can still hear his classic style; the same amazing electric guitar infused with his Elvis-esque voice.

This was the kind of concert where you just wanted to stand there and soak the music up through every pore of your body – a great show and an amazing progression for Dirty Beaches.


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