In Concert: and Chloe Charles

Cairo 1

Last Thursday fans in Toronto congregated at The Virgin Mobile Mod Club in support of some awesomely talented Canadian indie artists:, Chloe Charles, and Dr. Draw (but I had to skip out on Dr. Draw unfortunately). It was exciting to see these amazing acts fill the entire Mod Club.

If you have not gotten on the bandwagon yet it is seriously time you do some catching up. Nate Daniels has a strong voice that always hits the right note, and Caitlin Grieve dishes out goosebumps with her talented violin playing.

Chloe, do I need to write any more about Chloe!? She is amazing and always getting better. She will be returning to Europe soon to go on another tour of the continent so if you are by chance reading this from somewhere in Europe you should check out her tour dates. – History of Reasons

Chloe Charles – So Far Away (Carole King Cover)


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