Obsessed With K-Pop: Part #2!

Big Bang

If you have ever listened to K-Pop then you know there is just something about it that makes you want to keep watching. Maybe the bright colours, crazy hairstyles, eccentric outfits, or the androgyny of the male, boy band stars. I think the main reason people keep watching and listening to K-Pop is that it is just plain, shameless fun.

Something interesting has been taking place in the past two years, that is the North American interest and now, participation in K-Pop. Sure, sure we all know Psy with his Gangnam Style, but did you know Diplo produced tracks for two famous K-Pop stars: G-Dragon and T.O.P. (GD & T.O.P.). Or that MISSY ELLIOT recently made a cameo appearance in a G-Dragon concert (I am not shitting you watch the clip below)!

Whatever the reason is, I have put together some videos that have come out in 2013 so far that you can watch and enjoy. If it is your first time delving into the world of K-Pop, I hope you enjoy it!

I got a little carried away with the guys from BIGBANG, so I tried my best to add in a girl group too.

Take a look at my first ‘I’m Obsessed With K-Pop’ post for more K-Pop goodness.

G-Dragon – Coup d’état (Feat. Missy Elliot)

G-Dragon – Crooked

Seungri – Gotta Talk to You

MBLAQ – Smoky Girl

Heo Young Saeng – The Art of Seduction

4 Minute – What’s Your Name? 


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