Four Francophone Artists For The Anglophone

Radio Radio

Photo: BrockPapers

4/ Radio Radio

Radio Radio is a high-energy, fun-filled, and often silly Hip Hop act from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick respectively, are not your average Francophone act. Other than being hilarious and outrageous in their lyrics and videos, they also sing in a different “kind” of French. The group promotes Chiac, a language sprinkled with English and spoken in Acadia (NS and NB), through their music.

Just watch one of their first hits Jacuzzi and you will start to see why these guys are worth your interest.

They also came up with the unique idea of creating an online service where for $10/year their fans can get music and exclusive videos every month of the year. An inventive way to make music (and money of course!) and create hype in today’s ever-changing music industry.

They are signed onto Bonsound – an A+ record label that has many, many more amazing Francophone artists on their roster.


3/ Jimmy Hunt

jimmy huntJimmy Hunt is an artist from Montréal, QC. He is inspired by 50s and 60s rock and has collaborated with the likes of Cœur de pirate (read below). He came out with his first self-titled album in 2010 and just released his second full-length album Maladie d’amour. His absence from the internet also adds a certain air of mystery to his persona, like who doesn’t have a website/Twitter/Facebook..!? (He actually does have a Facebook Page)

I recommend Jimmy Hunt and Maladie d’amour for its Folk with a dash of Electro, as well as some amazing instrumental breaks.

2/ Alex Nevsky


Other than being easy on the eyes, Alex Nevsky has been gaining ground in Québec and the rest of Canada due to his latest album Himalaya, mon amour, which came out in August 2013.

This album has great melodies that will move even the non-French speaker – Plus you can always look at him in his music video On leur a fait croir!


1/ Cœur de pirate

Coeur de pirate

Photo: BrockPapers

Cœur de pirate AKA Béatrice Martin is a world-famous chanteuse from Montréal, QC. She won crowds over with her first self-titled album in 2009 and again in 2010 with her hit single Comme des enfants

Last year, she came out with a second album: Blonde (Girlfriend en français). It had amazing reviews, again world-wide, and with which she held a tour that she had to cut early due to her pregnancy. Nonetheless, I saw her perform in Toronto a month before her due date and it was spectacular… It was also super cute to see her run off stage every couple of songs to go pee!

She is one of the most well-known Québécois artists and it is clear why, I strongly suggest listening to her music and watching her videos.


Let me know what you think in the comments below! What Francophone acts do you think us Anglophones need to know about?


7 thoughts on “Four Francophone Artists For The Anglophone

  1. I’ve got plenty of suggestions – from Grimskunk to Gilles Vigneault, there are a lot of artists to choose from 😉

    Let’s say, for starters, Jean Leloup, Pierre Lapointe, Malajube, Daniel Bélanger, Richard Desjardins, Les Colocs, Ariane Moffat, Lisa Leblanc, Félix Leclerc, … this could go on. It depends on the style people like.

    I just posted a few vids from Pierre Lapointe, Jean leloup, and Malajube on my music blog. Come check them out if you like, and cheers to all!


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