Icelandic Mondays with Samaris



Icelandic Tuesday! 

In case you are reading this from a computer not in Canada, yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, therefore I was very busy eating turkey and mashed potatoes and such to post an Icelandic Monday post. Sometimes you just gotta eat, amiright!? 

This week I present one of my all time favourite Icelandic acts: Samaris

Last year I saw Samaris at Iceland Airwaves and was caught off guard by their magnificence. Samaris has beautiful and elegant instrumentals along with striking vocals. The band is lead by the clarinet and accompanied by vocals and synth. The music is delicate and articulate. You have to give this group of young musicians (The oldest being 18) credit for orchestrating touching songs. 

They haven’t come out with a full-length album yet but they have an EP and just recently released the single Viltu Viltrast on October 7th. 


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