Indie Week 2013: Saturday With Matt Blais & More

Anti-Queens 2

I have been avoiding writing this post…

I usually hate being talking about negative things but I feel like I need to explain my Indie Week experience this year.

First off, I have attended Indie Week for four years now and have never had a bad experience. I love the festival, I love the idea that little-known bands are given a spotlight to get out there in front of the public and industry folk. I love that the winner of the group gets to go to Ireland to perform at their Indie Week, who doesn’t love a international music partnership? But not everything was great at Indie Week this year.

Now, I know venues and festivals are separate entities but this year it was out of control. I found it very difficult to actually go anywhere, which is a shame because you’d think that when you have a media pass places would want you to come in to give the event/venue/band coverage. However that was not the case. At Velvet Underground, I was let in only to have someone come up to me about 10 minutes after arriving to tell me I needed to pay the cover. This was really weird because it was an Indie Week venue, and I was at an Indie Week band performance… Also I have a wristband and a pass. I wonder if they were doing this to other people with wristbands? Double charging. Not cool.

Second venue, The Hideout. I have never had problems here. This year the bouncer was some oaf on a power trip. The venue was seamlessly empty inside every time I was in there, yet they were still holding a line out the door and around the corner. On top of that I saw the dude [bouncer] take bribes [money] to let people cut the line.

Another issue was their website, as of the second day of their festival their schedule system was down. No answer from social media about a solution… I don’t even think they noticed. So much for planning shows! Sorry bands I missed out on!

I tweeted Indie Week about some of these issues and noticed that their social media this year was pretty much invisible… I don’t know who they had managing the accounts this year but I barely saw a word from them all festival.

All that aside… I did see a couple great groups that deserve love!


The Anti-Queens, are an all girl, bad-ass, rock group from Toronto. They dished out a high-energy performance that was fun and exhilarating. P.S. Thanks Bovine for not sucking!

Next, Matt Blais and his band rocked out The Hideout. I waited in that hideous line with that hideous bouncer to see this dude, and the wait was worth it. This dude has heart and loves to perform – Can’t go wrong with that!

The final group, I unfortunately forgot their name! If the Indie Week website actually worked I could have figured that out. Sorry guys! If anyone knows them please comment in the comments below please!


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