Iceland Airwaves 2013, Day 4: Kraftwerk and Thorunn Antonia

Thorunn Antonia 5This year the festival felt like it completely flew by me. I almost wish I could go back in time and do it all over again so I could see the acts I missed. On my last day at Iceland Airwaves the city was already starting to go into full hangover mode so there wasn’t a lot going on. Luckily though, I Thorunn Antonia and Bjarni were playing for a second time, and since I had missed them the first time, it was the perfect opportunity to check out the show and see what they have been up to!

Þórunn Antonía og Bjarni (Thorunn Antonia and Bjarni)

I saw Thorunn last year at Airwaves and instantly fell in love. She had come out with a dance album that was heavily inspired by the 80s, infectious and fun! Prior to this album she was in the UK band Fields and before that, the Danish group Junior Senior. Each group she has been with (including her solo work) have had completely different styles and sounds so it is interesting to see her new work with Bjarni.

This year I got to see this group perform in an amazing comfy, cabin-like venue off the main street in Reykjavik – perfect place to relax with a beer and enjoy some good music. Thorunn Antonia and Bjarni’s new work can be classified under Folk verging on Country. I came to this off-venue show not knowing what to expect except that I knew I could rely on Thorunn to deliver amazing vocals and a great show. I was really impressed with their work together and I can’t wait to hear their recorded work, with an album currently in the works.


The German group, Kraftwerk, are essentially the creators of electronic music, and they had the honour of officially closing another year of Iceland Airwaves. Having started making electronic music in the 70s it is safe to say they have heavily influenced the electronic/rave scene. For that fact it was really interesting to get the opportunity to see these guys in concert. Unfortunately, I felt like they rely too heavily on 3D graphics and entertaining their audience via the “movie” presentation they made.

It didn’t help that the concert was in an auditorium with comfy seats either. My tired 3D watching eyes had to take a short rest… Basically, I fell asleep.

Hopefully you aren’t completely tired of Airwaves yet. I have one more post to come of some tid-bits and extras!

[youtube] [youtube]

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