Iceland Airwaves 2013: Toronto Showcase

Icelandic-Airwaves-TorontoOn Tuesday, November 19th, Toronto had the pleasure of hosting the Iceland Airwaves 2013 showcase at The Horseshoe. Three acts that played at Iceland Airwaves this year stopped off in Toronto on their way to M for Montréal: HermigervillHjaltalín, and Prins Póló

It was the perfect night to give my friends a taste of what it has been like over the past couple of years to go to the festival. Even better was the free Steamwhistle beer for the first 100 people in and the contest held by Indie88 to send someone to Airwaves next year – no, I did not win!

In the words of a friend: “The more complicated the names, the better the act.” And those words held true on Tuesday. Prins Póló started off the night slowly and gradually warmed the crowd up for the next act, Hjaltalín. First, Högni Egilsson opened up with a solo song (vocalist and guitar for the group), then the band went on to play a breathtaking and delicate set.

Hermigervill aka Airwaves 13 Poster Boy aka Behind-the-scenes man for Berndsen and Retro Stefson closed off the night with a wicked fun Nintendo-induced (NES, the original 8-bit) and wild DJ set that reminded me of growing up in the 90s!

I didn’t win a trip to Iceland – but it was still a cool time.


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