In Concert: Lissie Rocks Out To A Full House

Lissie 5

Thursday night I paid my first visit to Adelaide Hall to see the lovely Lissie – also a first. Adelaide Hall is a great venue for small concerts and I would love to come back again for another show, but it is safe to say judging by the packed house that Lissie is too big for this venue.

Lissie came out to an overjoyed crowd to promote her new album Back to Forever but the crowd had other business to attend to first. The audience immediately started singing her ‘Happy Birthday’. One girl jumped up on the stage and hugged her and they both did a little dance – cute.

I’ve wanted to see Lissie live for about three years now and I don’t know why I didn’t put more of an effort into going to her shows, she has come to Toronto several times over the years. Oh well, live and let live. I got to see Lissie this week and it was fantastic. Her raspy vocals and energetic stage presence made it hard to stop watching.

She was very appreciative of the audience that night and let Toronto know it, saying how she does not often receive such an excited crowd as she did that night. Imagine that!? An awesome, appreciative crowd in Toronto?

Lissie was one happy birthday girl and Toronto got to experience one awesome show!


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