Music To Get Excited About In 2014

trust joyland

Trust – Joyland

Last year was filled with so much great music, new artists, and amazing concerts, how could this year get any better!? Well we aren’t about to throw the towel in on 2014 just yet.

Now that everyone have almost put a stop to year end lists, we can start to look forward to what is to come. Some music sites and blogs have already started spreading the news about artists that will be releasing new albums this year so I figured it was time to share the ones that I am personally excited about, and, hopefully, you will be too!

dan-manganDan Mangan

Although there has yet to be any solid news on it as of yet, the people at Exclaim sat down with the artist to discuss the new album, as well as the film that he is scoring. Here is a quick quote of what he had to say:

“I’m working on a new record and I’m demoing all of these new songs that are very much different from anything I’ve ever done before,” he observes. “At the very same time, I’m being asked to write all these songs that are slightly more in more old wheelhouse. It’s like this push and pull. The music for the film is getting more and more sentimental, and the music for my record is getting less and less sentimental, so it’s an interesting dichotomy.”

timber timbreTimber Timbre

Timber Timbre is now coming out with their third album under the Arts & Crafts label. They have recruited Colin Stetson, hottie sax player, to help them out, as well as some other influential, and equally musical, Canadians. It is being ‘engineered’ by freelancer Graham Lessard (Young Galaxy, Stars, Plants and Animals) and will feature Romy Lightman (Tasseomancy) on backing vocals.

Hot Dreams is set for release on April 1st. And it better not be an April Fool’s prank because by the looks of this teaser trailer it looks like it will be one of the year’s sexiest albums!

Radiox2-8(1)Radio Radio

These talented Acadian rappers are set to release a new album on March 18th.

The new album is entitled Ej Feel Zoo and is expected to be a crowd pleaser, with more “dancier” tracks than the previous album, Havre de grâce. Not sure what tracks are expected to be on the album but I really hope this one that I found on their Soundcloud profile will be!

**UPDATE** They deleted all tracks on their Soundcloud so here is the video for the song Ej Feel Zoo!


This garage-rock band from Montréal has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last year. Last year they released the EP Generic Dogs, and then released a 7″ vinyl with the band Animal Faces. Their popularity is starting to spill over to Toronto and I expect that the crowds here will love their new distortion filled album, Blame Confusion, that is set for release February 18th through Fat Possum Records.

‘Traces’ is the only track available for a listen from the album so far. Give it a listen!

The Balconies 1The Balconies

The Balconies are reviving classic rock and spreading their enthusiasm for music to each and every person that gets the opportunity to see them live! I am serious. Every person is in love with this band after hearing Jacquie O’ shriek away into the mic.

Their new album is called FAST MOTIONS and is a follow-up to 2012’s EP Kill Count. It is set for release January 28th.

This track is a taste of what’s to come…


Claire Boucher reportedly said that she was “Two fifths” done making her new album. It is said that this album will come out at some point in 2014, and I, for one, am anticipating it to be an amazing one! Hoping that Grimes doesn’t suffer the sophomore blues, this album has the potential to be THE album of 2014. I just hope that Roc Nation (Jay-Z‘s record label, that she is currently signed to) doesn’t fuck anything up like they did with the release of last year’s M.I.A. album three years in the making.

Here’s to hoping that this album won’t get stuck behind too much red tape!

Trust is Dressed For SpaceTrust

Robert Alfons has parted ways with Maya Postepski (Austra) but that doesn’t mean he is going to stop doing what he’s doing. And what he does is create music that is dirty, sexy, dark synth-pop. When I saw Alfons open for Zola Jesus in 2011 I knew this group was going to make it big. Since then, Arts & Crafts has picked him up releasing his 2012 album TRST.

The new record is set for release on March 18th and is entitled, Joyland. Watch the 45 second trailer for it below!


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