Wavelength Music Festival ’14: Day One


When the cold and the snow just won’t seem to release their grip on our city, there almost seems like there is no way for us to escape winter’s icy grip. Wavelength Music Festival gave freezing Torontonians a place to huddle together, get warm, and enjoy some amazing music in the dead of the worst season of the year.

Wavelength Music Fest ’14, or #WL14 for short, is a four part festival starting on Thursday, February 13th and going through to Sunday, February 16th. I went away to Montréal for the weekend but I still managed to catch the opening night on Thursday at The Silver Dollar – one of my favourite venues in Toronto and with a promising lineup to boot.

I had to skip on Phèdre to get ready to go to MTL the next day, sorry guys!

Alden Penner

Alden is an artist and producer that has been in the music scene for quite some time from his hometown of Montréal. He has been a part of many bands, some of those being: The Unicorns, Clues, and The Hidden Words. In 2013 he released a solo EP, Precession, with the promise of a full-length album Exegesis, which was released earlier this month.

I was a little frightened that his music, compared to the other acts that night, might put me to sleep, but luckily that was not the case. Alden‘s music is beautifully composed and draws your concentration to the different sounds incorporated into his works. Plus he seems like a pretty swell guy too!


TOPS has been one of my favourite acts out of Montréal for a few years now. They have an 80s retro feel blended with garage, a style that is becoming increasingly more popular from artists coming from Montréal. The group leads with two strong females, one on vocals and the other on bass and they are apart of the epic record label Arbutus Records.

Unfortunately, this time their performance fell a little flat. I am not quite sure what was happening but it wasn’t what I’ve come to expect from this band. Not to say it wasn’t a good performance, I just KNOW they can do a much better job. Everybody has off days and I still love them!


Zoo OWL is a pretty new act from Toronto that incorporates a quirky use of performance art with music. Using his own lighting effects, Zoo OWL created a psychedelic listening experience. Using lasers, a fog machine, a strobe light in his mouth and an awesomely bizarre headlight transformed to have two lights covering each of his eyes.

The whole experience from start to finished reminded me of my teenage years leading up to adulthood; his set started off with 90s industrial/grunge inspired electronic music, and over the course of the set evolved into more rave-inspired melodies (with faster underlying beats) that forced even the most resistant hipster in the room to dance – even if it was just a little shuffling from side to side… It’s hard to get the Toronto crowd moving and Zoo OWL succeeded at bringing the crowd out of the regular Toronto apathy.

A performance that inspired and amused, can’t wait to see more from him!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgZ5JrNICJY]

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