In Concert: Radio Radio


Radio Radio 5

Hey guys!

I have been really, really busy lately but I just wanted to leave a quick blog with some photos from the Radio Radio concert I went to recently in Toronto. The guys are just coming to the end of their tour to promote their new album Ej Feel Zoo. As always the Francophone community in Toronto came out en masse to party with the guys.

This year they came with a larger band, including a trumpet. The added instrumentals were a nice touch, though if you were looking for the concert to be similar to the album you might’ve been a bit disappointed. The concert was not an electro dance party the album might promise it to be. However, I for one enjoyed the acoustic aesthetic and I loved the addition of the trumpet.

Extra special goodie: They performed an entire concert in the CBC studios in Halifax in the middle of their tour. However CBC isn’t great at putting together Youtube playlists apparently, so I posted one of the videos below and leave it to you to find the others! In this video they are performing their single Ej Feel Zoo with the help of a choir. Pretty cool!

[youtube] [youtube]

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