Camille Poliquin AKA KROY

Camille Poliquin

Camille Poliquin: If you don’t live in La Belle Province then chances are you probably have never heard of her. That’s okay though, that’s why I’m here – So let me get you acquainted!

Poliquin is a singer/songwriter that is currently breaking out on the scene in Québec. Seriously. Lately it seems that you can’t throw a stone without hitting a Camille Poliquin (lol) but chances are if you don’t know her name then you probably wouldn’t have even noticed her. That’s because the artist has mostly been doing back-up vocals for well-known Francophone artists such as David Giguère and Jason Bajada. After years of experience in the music industry in Québec, Poliquin is now entering the limelight with musical projects of her own.

Enter Milk & Bone (not Milk & Bones – that’s dog food, friends). Milk & Bone is a side project with Poliquin and her friend Laurence Lafond-Beaulne. So far the electro-pop singing duo have only one single out entitled New York – a teaser to a potential EP?

Next, we have KROY, another equally mysterious pseudonym from Poliquin. Unlike Milk & Bone, KROY has released a 4 track EP called Birthday and a teaser video (below) to go along with it.

Out of all these projects and collaborations something great is sure to breakthrough the surface. I predict that 2014-2015 will be the year(s) that Poliquin will become a well-known Canadian indie artist.

Keep an eye out!



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