ADULT. Returns With ‘The Way Things Fall’

ADULT. After years of falling under the radar, ADULT. is back with a new album. After joining the label Ghostly International in 2012, the husband/wife duo from Detroit is back to the joy of their fans and recently featured on The Fader.

Their most recent release prior to this was ‘Why Bother?’ back in 2007. After that they kind of disappeared for a while. Probably because the underground garage electro-craze had ended but what never ended is the hard-line support of their fans. ADULT. is by all means not a well-known band, but the people who like them like them A LOT!

They got their start in the late 90s/early 00s, when, in Detroit, there were tonnes of amazing underground talent coming out of the works. A lot of these groups tended to hide their identities behind masks and were very hard to find on the Internet.

The last time I saw them was in 2010 and was actually one of my very first ‘In Concert’ blog posts. Albeit, I did have to leave the show because the imagery set off my anxiety that was awful at the time. They have created many “art-shock/horror” films where they like to mock life in the mid-west. They came to Toronto to show the film while playing the soundtrack to the film live.

They recently released their new album ‘The Way Things Fall’ on Soundcloud to be streamed: