Abducted and Go(ing) Outside with Cults

So I don’t know about anybody else, but I am definitely loving the debut Cults album. After having released only three songs for so long I was so excited for this album to come out and I was not let down. It is a really easy listen, lasting about 36 minutes. I can throw this on and listen to it in the background over and over and not get tired.
I just watched their first two music videos and was super-impressed.
The song ‘Go Outside’ uses audio from the Jonestown cult’s death tape when they are passing out the homemade grape drink or ‘kool-aid’. If you have never listened to the tape you can find it on Youtube, though fair warning it is pretty upsetting. Anyways, in the video for ‘Go Outside’ they decided to stick to this theme and use footage of the Jonestown cult having a laugh, sharing a dance, what-have-you, and Cults (the band) has timed some of the footage up to the lyrics.
Check it out:
And this is ‘Abducted’: