In Concert: Die Antwoord with Rye Rye!

Just a quick post.

Went to Die Antwoord on October 24th in Toronto. The show was pretty good but they seemed to be rushing through it as it lasted a very short time. The first time seeing them was definitely a lot better, and the crowd of hipster kids who finally caught on to the Die Antwoord craze showed up in force.

The opening act Rye Rye, however, was amazing! She’s this super cute girl who wears a lot of 90s inspired clothing and she danced for her whole set with one other male dancer. It was an interesting mix of rap, hip-hop, 90s fluoro street style.

Here’s a link to two of the video’s I took of Die Antwoord:
And here is Bang ft. M.I.A. by Rye Rye, enjoy!

Evil Boy Video is On the Streets!

Yeah that’s right.
Let’s not waste anytime:
**** UPDATE****
When I first watched this I kinda got ambiguous homophobic vibes but here is the story behind the song. It is actually really interesting:

“So, the story behind this video and song (or part of the story — there’s so much going on!) is that Wanga felt that he was being coerced into a form of ritual circumcision by his community. It’s sort of taken for granted within his ethnic group that you must do this, so much so that if you are a young man and you do not participate, you are ostracized, as the band explained to me.
The thinking, and this is communicated very directly to the young men, is that if you don’t participate, you’re gay. You’re effeminate. You’re not a real man. You never mature from being a boy to being a man.
He struggled with all of this in real life: with what it meant for his personal and cultural identity. And he came to a point where he was like, you know what? Fuck you all. The fact that I won’t consent to having my penis sliced with an unsterilized knife, out in the bush, and risk infection or worse– that doesn’t mean “I’m gay,” as you say. I reject this tradition. If that’s what being a man is, fuck it, I don’t want to be a man. I’ll be an “evil boy for life,” even if it means I am ostracized from my community.
You might have chosen different lyrics, but dude, it’s not our story or our culture or our world experience at all.
It’s his.”
Taken from

Fish Paste & Altered Zones

Pitchfork has released a new website devoted entirely to underground pop/psychedelic electro type music. The website layout is beautiful and the music this site has introduced me to already is immense. Altered Zones is amazing and definitely a website worth bookmarking if you are into discovering awesome new bands and listening to music you may not always have the opportunity to hear.

In other news… Check out [Download] this Die Antwoord song!