New from Iceland: Videos from Sigur Rós and FM Belfast (NSFW)

So if you didn’t already know, this October/November I will be travelling across the Atlantic to go to Iceland for the first time. I’ve always wanted to go, and now I am going not only to see this beautiful country but to also see their beautiful, sexy artists! this October 31st to November 4th, I will be heading over to Reykjavik to go to Iceland Airwaves!

Here are some new videos from two Icelandic bands. Both completely different and wonderful in their own ways (P.S. NSFW):

Sigur Rós – Fjögur Píanó
FM Belfast – Delorean

FM Belfast

This just feels like a good album to listen to on the first real snowfall of the year in Toronto. FM Belfast are an Icelandic electro-dance-pop group. They have not come out with an album since 2008s ‘How to Make Friends’ but the album is not too dated to the 2007-2008 electro craze. It’s light and fun and for some reason is getting me into the winter spirit while watching the snow fall outside and preparing for the end of term at school.

Listen and enjoy (video by DANIELS):

Underwear by FM Belfast (Music Video) from Daniel Scheinert on Vimeo.